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New Classes For the General Public Beginning in Fall 2020!

Do you carry or “shlep?”  Do you aspire to be a kind, responsible person or a “mentsh?” Do you merely complain, or do you “kvetsh?”  The following are new and ongoing Yiddish classes with Reb Yankl.  For more information, contact Yankl directly via this website (

Classes for the General Public via "Zoom" Starting Fall 2020:


"Intermediate Yiddish."  This class is for students with some ability to read, write, and speak.  It meets Tuesday evenings, 7-9 pm and will run for ten sessions: Sept. 22 - Nov. 30.  The cost is $300, but as we say, "no one will be turned away for lack of funds!"  Contact Yankl through this site or Ilana Goldstein at Congregation Kol Tefilah in Santa Cruz:  

"Reading Yiddish Literature."  This class is for students with some ability to read Yiddish literature in the original.  Fluency by no means required -- but a basic ability to read is.  Some instruction and discussion also takes place in Yiddish.  Monday evenings, 7-9 pm, ten sessions beginning Sept. 21, skipping Sept. 28 (Yom Kippur), and running until Dec. 7.  $300 (but "no one will be turned away...etc.") 

"Basics Review and Onward."  This class is in the planning stages but will probably assume some familiarity with Yiddish -- the spelling system utilizing Hebrew letters, present tense verbs, some nouns in masculine, feminine, and neuter gender.  Time TBD.  Cost is $300, but "no one turned away...etc."  Contact Reb Yankl (through this site).

If the above classes don't work out for you, there are other possibilities in the are some other useful links:

Lehrhaus Judaica, headquartered in Berkeley, sponsors Yiddish (and many other) classes all over the bay area: 

KlezCalifornia is also centered in the east bay but with organizes events across the bay area, in particular musical and cultural events with Yiddish 


Yiddish classes also appear and disappear at Jewish Community Centers in the area:

    Palo Alto Oshman JCC:

    San Francisco JCC:

The California Institute for Yiddish Culture and Language (CIYCL) is in far-away Los Angeles, but they have first-rate cultural events and an excellent website: 


The "Yiddish poetry" website of Monash University contains translations of Yiddish poetry into English and several other languages (Hebrew, French, and Polish), not a few of which are by Yankl:

Yiddish at UC Berkeley:

They have a long-established, first-rate program at Berkeley, with lots of associated activities.



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